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Which of the following best describes your current relationship with the cinema?
Love/hate - I love the movies but hate cineplexes, overpriced lobby treats and seat-kicking mutants
[tally: 44%] 44%
Last film I saw in an actual theatre was Tootsie and I was so tramautized I haven\'t gone back since.
[tally: 14%] 14%
It\'s right up there with life\'s essentials: breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking and masturbation.
[tally: 16%] 16%
Cinema, schminema. My life revolves around reality tv. I\'m an intellectual.
[tally: 12%] 12%
If I can\'t watch it sprawled on my couch, surrounded by Cheetos bags and beer cans, fuggedaboudit.
[tally: 13%] 13%

votes: 1362
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